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How it all started-

In 1992 I opened the first health food store in the region, and as a way to get more bodies in the door, began serving lunches on Friday afternoons. To keep things as economical as possible ($5.00 for small entree & side), the meal was based on what was fresh and seasonally available.  Though the term localvore was non existent at that time, using what we could afford and get around our small town, put us in the realm of serving local before local was cool!


As time went on, the food end of the business kept growing as friends asked about catering for weddings and other gatherings. I had a great catering partner at that time, and Cindy and I took on many a job (some of major proportions). They all turned out well enough and we survived to become a real catering business. Cindy retired from the hectic schedule catering produces to raise her family (and went on to get a 'real' job!) but I kept at it and what you see here is what we have evolved into.


Maintaining close ties with purveyors, local farmers, foragers and ranchers is still how we operate, and allows us to serve the seasonal bounty they offer—thus providing high quality ingredients from which to create each of your great meals. Though some consider cooking seasonally somewhat limiting, we embrace the challenge, because we believe the quality of our work is based on the excellence of our ingredients.


Gourmet on the Gorge sits in the hills of West Virginia on the rim of the New River Gorge. We specialize in custom event production (logistics, personnel, entertainment, food/beverage service) for private or corporate functions and work regularly with the film industry. We have been catering since 1994, and offer full service local catering for 10-600 guests. We also provide personal chef services as well as drop-off dinners for 12 or more. Kosher, Vegan and Vegetarian menus are no problem.