Competition and gamification come together to present a fun and effective way to build camaraderie and learn more about each other through food preparation, problem solving, (trash talking )... and of course the post competition dining. The Iron Chef Challenge spurs your crew to create a three course repast or a World Class Pot O'Chili (along with market jingle) —with use of a mystery ingredient--in a limited time-- leaving one team to be crowned the Iron Chef Winner!


Your team will be challenged in negotiation and communication, prioritization and problem solving, innovation and creativity. And they might just have a shocking amount of fun along the way. 

These half day workshops are fully facilitated with a certified Team building Instructor. This format works best with a minimum of 10 participants for 2 teams, though the more teams the more intense the team building component and the competition!  


Please call us for details about hosting an Iron Chef Challenge for your crew.


The Iron Chef Challenge also makes a terrific Girls Night Out, a great Guys Only Get-Together or a unique and fun family gathering!