Spring forward into the light.

As the time changes so does our interest in lighter foods. I throughly enjoy the full plates of roasted vegetables that fall and winter allow for, but its time to move into the light—changing what we take in daily is one way to lighten up. According to a Cornell Food Lab study, people who are more open to trying and enjoying a wider variety of foods (kimchi anyone?) find it easier to be active as the days get longer. Think about expanding the ingredients in your rotation of weekly meals as one easy way to lighten the menu. Here are a couple of change-outs I'll be implementing.

GREENS: Moving to mustard, dandilion and arugala. A bit more bite, lemony and astringent- all things my palate is craving as Spring comes in view.

STARCHES: Moving to farro, barley and legume combos. I can make a pot of barley with lentils, diced onion & carrot and lots of parsley and turn it into several things. The chewiness is satisfying and if you add a gently cooked egg on top of your dish, you'll have a good carb/protien mix.

FRUITS: I'm sticking to citrus until its gone gone gone... just can't beat those Clemetines!

INTENTION: Right now the strawberry plants in the high tunnel are perking up, the new leaves high in the air above the flowers stretching for the sun. I'm going to try to stretch myself too!

Happy Spring everyone!

#sping #seasonalcoooking

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