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3 Part hands-on Cooking sessions

Become the confident cook you’ve always wanted to be—join us for this three-part hands-on cooking series and experience a variety of skills for kitchen success.

In this mini school you’ll create dishes using fresh, seasonal ingredients as well as some store bought short cuts. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to expand your culinary repertoire, you will gather several skills and practice techniques for creating meals from real food.

Session 1: Building a Foundation
You’ll work alongside classmates honing knife skills as we prep a variety of fresh ingredients. Our instructor will walk you through techniques for sautéing, braising, cooking with wine and baking from scratch. 
Session 2: Expanding Your Repertoire
In this class, you’ll move into practicing roasting, searing and creating pan sauces and vinaigrette. This will also include experience in timing your cooking so your meal components will be ready at your designated time. Led by our Instructor, you will try your hand at making pastry dough and fillings for the ultimate homemade tart. 

Session 3: Advanced Techniques
In our final session, we’ll build on the skills you’ve learned.  We will share tips for creating handmade pasta and cooking it to perfection. Plus, you’ll practice cooking seafood, making a creamy pureed sauce and creating an amazing Flourless Chocolate Torte, all of which you can re-create at home.

BYOB. Seats are limited. Each session is approximately 3-3.5 hours. Registration necessary.


Things You Should Know About Our Classes

  • All classes are for students aged 18 or over, unless noted. 

  • In our hands-on classes, students prepare the meal together under the guidance of the instructor. Typically, a hands-on class consists of three segments: a brief lecture  &/or demonstration; cooking time; and, of course, a moment to enjoy a bite of  the prepared recipes. We structure hands-on classes to enable all participants to cook all the recipes. For a hands-on class, please dress in casual clothing and comfortable, closed-toed shoes, with hair restrained (men & women). Most hands-on classes are limited to 10 students and last from 2 -2.5 hours unless otherwise noted.


  • Participation in a hands-on class places you in a typical cooking environment with inherent risk. By registering for a cooking event you agree to release the staff, employees and contractors, from all liability arising from direct or indirect damages or injury.

  • We reserve the right to substitute menu items and ingredients due to availability.

  • As a participant, you agree to be photographed or filmed and give permission to use your likeness in promotional material.